How to Pay Someone with Cryptocurrency

Making payments with cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular. Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, is often referred to as the 'safe money of the internet'. It allows users to make and receive payments without revealing any sensitive information linked to their accounts or wallets. Other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ripple are also gaining traction.

To send bitcoin, you need to copy the recipient's address and paste it into the send field of your Bitcoin wallet application. Alternatively, you can display the address in QR code format. There are also payment services that make and receive payments in crypto. PayPal's Checkout with Crypto feature allows US customers with personal and Premier PayPal accounts to pay millions of online businesses with Bitcoin.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange company, also offers a commercial application for businesses for bitcoin payment services. Using these services, merchants can accept global payments securely and authentically in the virtual world of cryptocurrencies. All that is required for these transactions is an internet connection and an associated address on the cryptocurrency blockchain.

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