Where Can You Pay With Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular payment option for many businesses. Wikimedia, the company that runs the world's largest open source encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, accepts Bitcoin donations and allows users to top up their Microsoft account with it. AT&T is the first major US mobile operator to offer a cryptocurrency payment option through BitPay. Burger King outlets in Venezuela announced a partnership with Cryptobuyer to accept Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether.

KFC Canada also accepted Bitcoin for a limited time in exchange for the “Bitcoin Bucket”. Overstock, an American online retailer, partnered with Coinbase to allow Bitcoin payments for online orders. An American online travel agency also started accepting Bitcoin through Coinbase and switched its payment processor to BTCPayServer. Microsoft still accepts Bitcoin, although there are some conditions that need to be read carefully.

QR codes make it easy to pay from a bitcoin wallet app on your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code and it will pre-populate the recipient's bitcoin address and the amount of the requested payment. Once you submit the transaction, the payment is complete. There are many other small e-commerce shops that accept cryptocurrencies for purchases.

Some industries even have custom cryptocurrencies, which serve as a means of payment between parties. Hong Kong-based Pavilion Hotels & Resorts Group was the latest company to allow cryptocurrency transactions and has become the first international hotel chain to adopt virtual currency payments. Microsoft also launched ION, a two-layer authentication platform on the Bitcoin network, at the end of March. Starbucks customers can now use the new Bakkt app to pay for drinks and products at the coffee chain with converted Bitcoin. Newegg accepts Bitcoin and allows customers to pay directly without converting cryptocurrency to cash via an app or third-party service. Home Depot is the largest hardware store chain in the United States and accepts Bitcoin payments through Flexa payment systems installed in its shops.

Namecheap also allows customers to receive a credit to their account by easily sending Bitcoin. Whole foods has partnered with Winklevoss Flexa spending app 'Spedn' which allows customers to buy all their groceries using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Gemini dollar without hassle. Overstock is currently leading the way in shopping and cryptocurrency by accepting multiple types of cryptocurrencies. Home Depot's acceptance is huge because it means you can build your entire house by buying materials using Bitcoin. PayPal only allows you to buy a very limited set of cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin - and cannot be used directly in any way. BitPay offers a payment app and a debit card that you can fund with your cryptocurrency, including not only Bitcoin but also other digital currencies.

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