Is a sandbox built on ethereum?

Sandbox is a virtual gaming ecosystem that attracts partners to NFT's gaming platform. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and Unity software, and operates on a "play-to-win" model. This system is similar to Axie Infinity's metaverse, where players using SAND, as their utility token, can build, own and monetise their gaming experience. The Sandbox is software running on Ethereum that operates a decentralised virtual gaming world.

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own and monetise their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sandbox (SAND) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network that acts as the native asset of The Sandbox virtual economy. The maximum offering of SAND will be 3 billion, with around 900 million tokens currently circulating. Interestingly, for a project that loves to call itself decentralised, most of the total supply is allocated to the company, the team, advisors and investors.

At the time of writing, the token has two main functions on the platform. It can be wagered to earn interest and it can be used to purchase in-game items on the marketplace. The Sandbox has secured more than 50 partnerships, including Atari, Square Enix, Crypto Kitties and Shaun the Sheep, to build a fun and creative "gaming platform to earn, owned and made by gamers". The Sandbox aims to bring blockchain to mainstream gaming, appealing to both crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts alike, offering the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, monetisation capabilities and interoperability.

The Sandbox is a decentralised virtual game world built on the Ethereum blockchain, where creators can manufacture 3D VOXEL assets, create a game experience and monetise it through non-fungible tokens, The Sandbox cryptocurrency called SAND. Just as physical sandboxes act as safe, isolated playpens for children where imagination meets creation, developers of all kinds use virtual sandboxes as test environments equipped with various tools to experiment, test, debug and create objects, such as video game elements. SandBox game Maker allows creators on the Sandbox platform to build, share and monetise 3D games. Sandbox is one of several cryptocurrency metaverses that aim to change the dynamic between creators, players and gaming platforms.

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