Where to Bet CRO Coin and Get the Best Rewards

Are you looking for the best way to bet CRO coin and get the most rewards? If so, you've come to the right place. Crypto.com Exchange is the perfect platform for betting CRO coin and getting the best rewards. Here's how it works. To bet CRO on Crypto.com Exchange, you must first have CRO in your Exchange wallet. Login to Crypto.com Exchange, select Stake & Earn, and then select Stake CRO.

Enter the amount of CRO you want to bet and select Review Bet. After reviewing the bet details, select Confirm Bet. You can also go to the card page (in the bottom right corner of the application) and click on the Stake CRO button to follow the on-screen instructions. Once confirmed, you will see the updated CRO staking assets on your DeFi Earn screen and your unstaked balance will be moved to the Unstaked Balance and will be subject to the 28-day playoff period. Stake rewards for CROs are currently 10% APR for amounts of 5,000 CROs and above.

Any amount below 5,000 receives no APR interest. Each time you raise your stake with the same validator, your reward balance will automatically be claimed in your wallet and your CRO reward balance will begin to accumulate each block after the stake request is confirmed on the chain. During the initial 180-day wagering period, you can increase the amount of CRO wagered by going to your CRO wallet in the app and selecting the Update button. This is because rewards are paid out in hard dollars, or CRO tokens, which can be sold for Fiat. If you want to soft stake, you can do so by going to Stake & Earn, then Soft Staking, where you can activate the Earn Daily Interest option. After completing the 28-day unbinding period, the CRO balance will be added back to your CRO portfolio automatically. Betting to be eligible for the Indigo card means that CRO tokens are locked for 180 days, and cannot be sold during this period.

CRO is your token which customers can use to obtain discounted trading prices and qualify for better rewards. Whenever you redelegate your CRO from the existing validator to another validator, your rewards balance with the existing validator will be automatically reclaimed in your wallet. It supports all wallet operations, including management, funds transfer, and wagering operations, including the option to choose any CRO validator for wagering and redelegation.

Comparing Staking vs Subscribing to Indigo Card

Comparing the choice between staking CRO tokens for 14.75% or subscribing to the Indigo card clearly shows that subscribing to Indigo card is a superior option (see table below for an overview). Note that when staking CRO tokens, your staked amount is locked for 180 days and cannot be accessed.

Table: Staking vs Subscribing

SubscribingUp to 18%
But several exchanges do not list native tokens on other platforms, so buying CRO is not as easy as buying other popular cryptocurrencies. The total amount of CRO being subjected to 28-day delisting period after delisting request is confirmed.

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